Goa escorts rate list

Rate List

Duration/ Time College girls Indian Models Russian Model
1 Hour 7,000 11,000 16,000
2 Hour 11,000 19,000 22,000
Full night 16,000 27,000 35,000

Goa Escorts Rate List information

Hello friend Your friend, Madam Garima, welcomes you all at the Goa Escorts Rate List, you read our rate list above and explained, if you ever have any problems related to the rate list, you can call us direct, many times For some reasons, the rate seems somewhat awkward, you call us immediately, you will get complete satisfaction with our response, our call girl agency has all kinds of women Profiles are available, you will be offered as you want, at the moment we will tell the same in this block which will be related to the rate list, the lowest charge taken in our agency is that of the local house profiles, slightly more working girls than the charging girls It is a bit more charged than the college girl, with little charge you will have to pay more for the air hostess and which is the most Our agency takes charge of Indian models and Russian models, the biggest reason is that spending time with models has its own fun, everyone has a dream that at one time there is definitely no model Girl sharing bed with me, maybe you are also thinking that way, there is no need to worry too much in it, you can easily make our Indian and Russian model Escorts Can get Ing and then can enjoy the bed, as you all know is like booking 2 days prior to our models.

The booking of Russian models has been stopped at the moment because the Russian model is not available in our agency any time, though it keeps coming every 1 month to provide the service, but unless it is in close contact with you Yes, it is not appropriate to tell anything about them, whenever you have a Russian model in our agency, you will be told through Goa Escorts Blogs, booking, booking Enjoy the whole thing, one thing is also to know that girls of our escorts company are very sexy, so sexy once you have shared a bed, you will also say that before today I did not see such a sexy girl in life Because we redraw our profiles well, how to please the customer and he obeys our orders, all our girls have to pass a medical test. Only afterwards, we offer service to the agency, because we can not ever cheat with our customers, because we have the motive of earning money, the first purpose is to think about the good health of our customers, Because the customer will remain good only then we will be able to improve our business, you should always take the service of Goa Model Escorts from our Agency, We also feel very happy with our giving, our agency is completely honest with our customers, this will be able to realize all the time while taking the service, the reason is that we have to increase the respect of our Goa Escorts Agency at all costs, Our rate list is quite simple, which you should not have any problem in paying, you can easily pay it, keep on doing it, also do the same Areas Remain, never mind no hesitation in mind to call any Question that arises in your mind, is the time to ask our customer care, I hope you will be satisfied with our response.